Weight Loss Update

Hi everyone!

It’s been a few months since my last update, so I figured that I should check in to let everyone know how things have been going.

As of today, I currently weight 171 pounds – I’ve lost 12 pounds since my last update – and I can officially wear single-digit size pants for the first time in over 15 years.  The first time I slipped into my size 8 pants and realized I could zip them up without either having to suck in my gut or look like an overstuffed tamale that’s about to explode, I almost cried (really!).  It was such a triumphant moment where I yelled and pumped my fist in the air while hopping around my room that my cat ran away from fright and my neighbors probably thought I was half-crazy (and I didn’t care!!).

During this time, some of my best friends from San Francisco came to visit me (the last time they saw me was in April 2015, before I started my transformation).  They almost didn’t recognize me when I picked them up at the airport’s baggage claim area.  I figured that I would play a trick on them to see how long it would take for them to spot me.  Around 1,000 feet away, I saw them taking selfies and I slowly crept over to them, with my jacket hanging from my arm.  At least 10 seconds passed by when I saw one of my best friends yell, “OH MY GOD!” in my direction, their jaws dropped and then ran over to hug me.  They were completely shocked with the transformation I’ve made – and it was something they constantly kept on bringing up during the entire trip.

Something similar happened with my parents when they came to visit recently (they hadn’t seen me since 2012) – while I waited for them at baggage claim, my mom spotted me and the first thing she said was “my child is skinny now!” in Filipino.

I know that I’m so close to my goal of 125-130 pounds that I can see the finish line in my mind.  It’s that creeping anticipation that it makes my skin tingle with excitement every time I think about it.  I know that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around and I visit my family back in San Francisco for the first time in 6 years, they’ll be so shocked by the transformation that their jaws will drop – and I’ll be beaming with pride knowing that I’ve been able to achieve the impossible – losing over 100 pounds and looking drop-dead amazing! 🙂

Other really cool things have happened recently as well – it seems that my trainer has been showing off my macro protein cookies at the gym that the gym’s management wanted me to make protein cookies for an event at the gym (my first catering job)!  Also, I’ve been contacted by a fitness website to share my weight loss transformation – once it’s been published, I’ll be sharing the link here as well!

So many exciting things are coming up and I can’t wait to see what comes next – stay tuned for the next update!


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